Social Media is here, it’s BIG and it’s definitely here to stay.
There are BIG prizes for those businesses who get into the race NOW! Are you ready?

Why your business needs a Social Media Manager…

social media management brochure stafford creative first twitter facebookYour customers are out there using Social Media now and on a daily basis. If you aren’t there to listen to, and talk to them, you are missing out – BIG time, and your business could be suffering. Social Media is allowing even small businesses to reach thousands of people. So what are you waiting for?

Facebook has over 500 million users. Twitter is not just for children or celebrities. If you’re in business have you got a LinkedIn account? And then of course there’s YouTube, blogging and fans! Creative First can provide you with your very own Social Media Manager. We’ll take care of it. It’s as simple as that! We understand you’re busy running your business, so let us do the Social Media work for you.

To make it easy for you Creative First offer THREE packages, plus a full range of tailored enhancements. Choose a package and we’ll do the rest. For a chat about Social Media and a copy of our brochure call us on 01785 246 472 or fill in the contact form today so we can fix everything for you and get in you in the game.

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